Padmore Primary latest NEI report lacking, missing

Is the Jamaica National Education Inspectorate report on Padmore Primary lacking or missing

Dear Ms Karah Whitter,
It would be nice to see a latest version of the National Education Inspectorate (NEI) report on Padmore Primary. It would also be nice to see the school mentioned in the chief inspectors report. After all the very principal reported in the available 2011 is not even there anymore. The incidence of the School being referred to as Trout Hall Primary is also a wonder.
Going by whats on the site of National Education Inspectorate (NEI) of Jamaica, it would appear as though the school has been failing.

Click to access latest NEI REPORT on Padmore ADDED February 2019

Since this article, the apparent broken link has been fixed so now this report is accessible. As updated and improved as it is, it seems to still be inconsistent. Although it highlights that students achieve mastery levels, it reports the students attempts at national and regional test and assessments as being unsatisfactory. Which is it already

Since then though, checks, and balances have revealed that with the advent of its newest principal Keisha Hayle there is much to talk about. starting of course with the turnaround in passes since 2014 and consistently so.

So then, the world would wonder on the rationale of the absence of any report on Padmore saving one that speaks about its failure almost a decade ago literally.
On any given day, a visitor to the school is embraced with love, affection and utmost respect by students and the staff family alike. Hushed tones and broad grins greet any visitor regardless of how you appear on the compound.
The bigger picture is how well the students are being emerged in PEP. The very involved principal teaches PEP herself and along with her staff has taken the bold steps into exposing the PEP testing from Grade One – critical thinking.
Her latest project to have Grade sixers write PEP questions setting pace and example for other schools who ma be struggling to welcome this well needed tool.

Its not a good look. On one hand the fact that there is only a bad report available can lead to all sorts of discriminations against the school and its students.
On the other hand it would discourage anyone from supporting the school. Its downright misleading.

Can it be addressed soonest.

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