Padmore Primary School gets new website

In the last week of August 2019, a new website entered the internet for Padmore Primary. The site is yet to be launched, but offers visitors information about the school and its most recent activities, events, achievements.
The website is part of ongoing efforts to sensitise the public about the school and its offerings especially since it was restored to glory days and beyond with the advent of the newest principal Keisha Hayle.
Although the student count has improved, Ms Hayle continues to be on an aggressive student recruitment campaign. The National Education Inspectorate who in 2012 gave the school a failing grade, has since the appointment of Ms Hayle recognised the improvements made.

Click for Padmore Primary website

Viewers and well wishers are invited to submit suggestions and information to in order for the site to be updated with correct information thus reflecting its rich history.
The current website is being hosted at until funds can be garnered where the school can host its own website.
Sponsors are welcome and the principal or school can be otherwise contacted.

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