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“…an inspirational individual, Anthea is truly a motivational speaker who communicates and connects with her listeners at all levels. – Teacher!

Having overcome struggles herself, her priority is empower others with tools to overcome challenges to become productive, successful individuals.


In addition to addressing live audiences on a number of issues with short, memorable, inspirational sessions, she conducts projects towards developing Jamaica’s youth.

She therefore founded the not-for-$profit OAaSIS International Foundation, to assist young Jamaicans to understand and realise the critical role of the creative power/ arts in their self-development, towards building a community and a nation.

“Its not about what others can give to you, its about who you are destined to be – to realise your own potential” Its about looking within for your own tools to carve the path to your destiny”, is one of her messages.
There’s a lot more that can be said about this witty teacher, skilled in many areas, who makes one smile without thinking through any circumstances.

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Local artistes such as Peter Lloyd once claimed to have garnered additional inspiration from her wits. A former Sunday school teacher to all age groups, she has influences from Apostolic, Methodist, Baptist denominations, but prioritises on love, practical living and growth, as her call to sharing the gospel. True religion is to love – James 1 vs 27
She has already addressed a number of audiences across Jamaica, St Lucia and the United States.

She is sharp in her messages, witty in thought, humorous, yet charming. Humour and stories recalled from her vast knowledge and own experience from being a missionary, to being a journalist are among tools she uses to hold the attention of her listeners. Truly a critical thinker with a lot to give.

“I am THANKFUL for life, ELATED by genuine people, BLESSED with true bonds, MOTIVATED by challenges, INSPIRED by the Creator!” – Anthea



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