Money worries throughout Jamaica

PLAY TITLE: Money Worries
REVIEWER: P. Gavin James
CAST MEMBERS: Andrea Wright; Garfield Reid; Stede Flash; Donald Thompson; Felisha Lord; Sheldon Shepperd; Patrick Smith
PRODUCTION HOUSE: Production House: Stages

TO SOME VIEWERS, it would seem ironic that the roots play Money Worries would evoke such laughter in fickle economic times. Truth be told, the production was a welcoming break from the now monotonous negativity which encircles the global economic environment.

The Paul Beale drama, while being humorous, urges the viewer to think twice on matters concerning financial transactions, while at the same time presenting numerous twists to the dynamics of male/ female relationships and interactions.

The action centres around Delcita Coldwater (played by Andrea Wright), who by fate, or other sinister means becomes involved in a romantic relationship with elusive conman Trevor Gonzalez (played by Stages Productions veteran Garfield Reid). In the initial acts of the play, Reid is cast to be the more predatory character of the two, but unbeknown to Trevor, Delcita has a plan of her own, and upon realizing Trevor

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