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Jamaica’s legal system needs brain to handle touts, ‘scammers’

While the country combats the Covid-19 pandemic, the pubic also is faced with another dilemma within the legal system. Corruption, Touts, and dare I say ‘Scammers – legal scammers’ that is.


At select court offices, one can be swindled by men posing as bailiffs and police and even court staffers offering services to file, serve and collect summons and even attend court for big bucks, but seldom carry out the tasks either by choice, or lack of the ability to do so. Needless to say there are select few court staffers who having benefited from the spoils provide qualified assistance to such men by either quickly prepared summons, early dates. Only last Friday, March 13th, 2020 did one tout lacking the ability to read nor write, ended up with a power of attorney with the help of another tout, having being paid as much as Two Hundred Thousand for recovery of rent and property. The case was not determined as the man although taking pains to convince that he was fit for the job, could not provide the judge with any details from the claim. Hopefully, he can correct the problem before a refund is required. This is fast becoming problematic forcing court staff to institute quick fixes, however disastrous as members of the public as far as some travelled from overseas then go into a frantic over being swindled by ‘court staff.’
On the other hand bailiffs appointed by the Court and lawyers so trained and relied upon for lawful service are also using the opportunity to also take advantage of unsuspecting persons by not providing the service, but get away with reasonable sounding excuses.

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Now while not everyone is a part of the corruption ring, still at least court offices at the parish court level has been posting signs which can amount to defamation for persons offering proper and lawful services for which they are qualified.


The Parish Court located in Spanish Town has a sign posted about taking risks when using outsiders to serve summons, and the parish court in Kingston offers warning against persons who offer services for money. needless to say the courts permission is not required to hire someone to either serve process, or do documents.

Truth be told their own staff is corrupted by members who have faltered in providing services they are officially hired to do in supposedly representing the court system, and have therefore failed miserably to convincing the public that they are even qualified in serving summons or preparing claims even.
The bad eggs spoil the whole bunch in the eyes of the public, and too often, way too often numerous persons revisit the courthouse to spew frustration, allegations of theft or corruption at members of the court staff.
Now instead of dealing with these elements, the staffers are through general warnings putting qualified professionals under attack and subjected to defamation.
Life will be harder, but this will worsen.

Still the issues of the corrupt attorney and corrupt practices by ruling Judges at any level is best for another article.

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