2020 DIY FORM: Eviction of tenant, squatter, licensee

If you need to terminate occupancy in your property, the first step is to give that person or those persons notice. To ‘serve a notice’ means that a notice to quit is written up and given to the occupant you want to leave/ quit the premises.
Below is the notice to quit/ eviction notice form you can use is available for you to download and use. You must fill in two such notice forms. Although slightly different from the one purchased in the bookshop, it was created by paralegals, approved by attornies and passed at the rent board.
For easy use, two forms appear on one sheet below – after you have filled them both in, please cut in two, and after handing one to the occupant, keep the other for yourself. Here are the stages thereafter.


  1. Using the instructions on the side, fill in both forms completely.
  2. Once filled in, you are expected to give one to the occupant, and secure the other one. Note the difference between tenant, occupant, licensee (Read on who is a tenant, squatter, licensee). If the person is not a tenant, simple cross out that word and write the relevant word – occupant or licensee above it and initial.
  3. The Rent Assessment Board advises that the notice can be placed on the door.
  4. Once the forms expire, and the occupant has not vacated the premises, please take your copy of the notice and go to the nearest court nearest to the premises, and the court clerks / registry will assist you in filling in court forms, and applying for a summons to get an hearing before the Judge.
    Please note, you may also choose to hire an attorney-at-law to handle the court proceedings for you.

    Download eviction notice/ notice to quit form here:

Download (PDF, 46KB)

You may visit the Rent Assessment Board while in Jamaica at The Towers, 25 Dominica Dr Kingston 5, Jamaica West Indies. OR Call them at 876-906-1765, 876-926-1590

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The above does not constitute legal advice. Inhouse senior journalists research and discuss with specialists eg attorneys-at-law, as necessary before posting responses. In conclusion, names are changed at times by request.


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