Anthea McGibbon as a Jamaica ‘courthouse’ attorney?

I recently visited the Parish Court on Sutton Street, and was literally warned by persons to stay away from a lady who I later found out was Miss Anthea McGibbon. They told me that she was telling people that she was a lawyer, but that she was not. It was interesting that the first persons who told me this were two men who actually took my monies and did no work for it and up to today I cannot get back my money. Then there was a police officer upstairs and a court staff member and none of these persons could guide me on what I should do except gossip.
I gave the two men my monies after observing that they were friends with staff members and they seemed to get things done.

When I returned to the courthouse I felt so abused by the court staff and how they treated me, I decided to talk with Anthea McGibbon, and was pleasantly surprised that her first words were ‘I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, but I can hook you up with one.’
What I had to do was simple and did not need any attorney anyway.. so I asked her and she obliged to assist me to guide me in what I was doing. In fact she mothered me right till the end, when I collected my money, and just asked for permission to use my info. The Judge in the court room was calm and ruled fairly just like Anthea McGibbon said, so I am glad after all that I took my matter to court. Now I’ll say…


I must use this opportunity to warn the two men, the court staff and the police woman upstairs they called ‘***yy’ to avoid defaming Miss McGibbon. Miss McGibbon is in my opinion a proper helper and exactly what customer service should look like.
Without her my matter would have taken forever to be filed as I went through so much, just to get some answers. I mean the attitude I got was poor.
A woman at the front shouted at me. Nobody seemed to know what to do, and, it was just a lot of running around.
I by myself would have been so clueless on what to do, because on every visit I get a runaround to say the least.
Maybe if the Court had more signs and more knowledgable personnel with common courtesy, Miss McGibbon would not have to ‘pitch in’ so much despite the abuse of court staff I observed even she faced.

They spend a lot of time wasting literally gossiping about Miss McGibbon not being a lawyer and not being employed at the Court without realising that she ends up doing what they are supposed to because THEY ARE NOT doing anything more than abuse members of the public who come there.

By the way, I found out she’s a happy professed blogger and actually trained in many areas including as a paralegal AND has no intention to becoming an attorney-at-law any time soon. I wish her all the best, and I know I am going to use her services again. I am even recommending her to persons who need help with research and documents for court. PLus if and when you need a lawyer and cant choose, check her as she knows plenty.


Dear Ben,
Anthea McGibbon would appreciates your comments.

FROM ANTHEA McGIBBON: Thanks for writing in. Just for the record though, it is a common in other jurisdictions to have nonattornies set up and paid by the governmemt to do some form of assessment. These persons then give guidance to the client such as the chance of winning, whats needed to build the case, erecommending an attorney. Jamaica has outgrown many systems, and has laws that need revamping to facilitate the public better. It’s always a riot believing that our culture srill facilitates labelling things they dont understand.. Check Germany for example. They were among the first countries if not the first to introduce this free service to the public and when these persons, mostly trained as paralegals recommend an attorney – its never regretted as over there free lawyers are really free and lawyers are good with or wothout pay. Food for thought!

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One Thought to “Anthea McGibbon as a Jamaica ‘courthouse’ attorney?”

  1. Val

    Good day,
    Thank you for posting this letter.I had a similar experience. When I go to Jamaica there is a lot of running around in the government bodies and the court overall. Everything takes so long and when the people are not giving you a runaround they are being rude. Ms McGibbon is someone who assists in doing running around for a lot of persons and breaks down things that persons like me can understand and feel safe to trust these very persons. I dont think they understand when they are being rude as they just come across as being untrained. Some of the police out there are so rude and aggressive, and people like Ms McGibbon who actually try to help are criticised for trying to take over their job. Perhaps the persons in charge should send people undercover to understand for themselves what the public goes through at some of these places. Maybe they’ll offer Ms McGibbon a job as she seems to know how to treat people more than some of these persons. Jamaica needs to step u and be more professional instead of tearing down and abusing one another. It’s very fustrating.

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