Jamaicans can get legal jobs done quicker back home

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For Jamaicans living away from home, there is now a team of legal leg workers to take care of their minor errands back home on the island. Led by journalist Anthea McGibbon, the team offers legal process and private investigative services to professionals locally and internationally. She herself has paralegal training and experience, making her qualified to perform some tasks.
Tasks that are beyond her call are passed on to relevant members of the team.

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Catering to professionals such as Attorneys, Title Agencies, Realtors, Medical Facilities, Banks, Corporate Jamaica and members of the General Public, the team works to deliver, process or complete projects quickly and efficiently for those short on time or staff. The team aims to assist the general public especially those living abroad in resolving their problems.
Anthea McGibbon is a well-rounded and multi-skilled journalist and artist, which she believes are both complimentary to the legal world, and fit for a wide variety of clients. Also with paralegal training, her own media website www.antheamcgibbon.com highlights arts, culture, creativity, law and spirituality which in her experience are interlocked in the fabric of life.
She says the team in no way replaces an attorney or any other specialist, but rather compliments and assists in speedier processing.
SERVICES include:

  • ghost writing
  • draft and file documents
  • draft and serve notice to quit premises
  • prepare summons and service
  • minimum┬áprivate investigations
  • correspond with clients, counsel, and others on factual matters
  • act with power of attorney
  • note taking at a trial
  • assisting to make bail arrangements
  • research facts
  • affidavit
  • media and pr relations
  • photographs as evidence
  • documents preparation/drafting
  • filing of documents
  • prepare patent and/or trademark status summary reports
  • process serving
  • source experts as needed
  • project management
  • general legal legwork
  • general leg work
  • etc.,

The time has come for Jamaicans to unite in assisting in solutions to challenges faced by Jamaicans on a whole. The Court system is one place to start as with more persons having a better understanding and grassroot assistance, challenges such as mistrust of attorneys-at-law and backlog can be drastically reduced according to Anthea McGibbon.


Legal leg work wizards assist Jamaicans abroad, back home


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... a team of professional experts, mostly Jamaicans, from varied fields including as priority paralegal, investigation, research, real estate, construction, arts (literary, visual, performing, culinary) and entertainment, certified Attorneys (civil and criminal law). Information is researched, then published, on this site, in the interest of the wider public.
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12 Thoughts to “Jamaicans can get legal jobs done quicker back home”

  1. jon

    Can you let me know if anyone can find my sister in Jamaica if I give you her name and can you find her trn to establish her address so i may write to her?

  2. Hi Jon.. Thanks for communicating. A member of the legal legwork team (Private investigators) can assist, but will require sums to cover expenses. Of course, you also need to understand that more information may need to be provided, but via a more confidential method such as private email. Please write to legalwizwork@yahoo.com outlining your specific need and with all information you have available. You need to also state your reason for wanting to find this person you claim is your sister.

  3. Douglas

    I now own land left to me in West Moreland by my father. On the land is a squatter that has put up a shack for bicycle repairs. Before my father passed a year ago he had requested that the squatter leave. Since his passing I have visited the land and got the squatter to sign a hand drafted agreement to vacate the property in 30 days. That was six month ago and this individual hasn’t left and has now stated has no intentions to leave. Since he was never formally a tenant (there was never a lease) can I go directly to the police and have him removed? If not, what should be my next steps towards eviction?


  4. Hi Douglas,
    At times evicting persons can be tricky, for example if the persons living on the land, on the other hand can prove where they were tenants. If the police wont assist, you will need to take them to Court by first serving them a notice and summons when that has expired for a hearing with the Judge, where you can present your case. You will then secure official authority through the Courts. (Section 89 may apply to that squatter)

    Should you need assistance, you may rely on the services of a member of our team.

  5. Mike Jenkins

    My father sadly passed away a year ago. He left a house but he did not make a will. My cousin told me that his nieces dealt with everything and when I have tried to call they do not answer and it seems they will not disclose anything. My cousin has supplied me with the address of the property. It all seems a bit strange to me the way my relatives are behaving like they are hiding something. I ws under the impression the property would automatically be passed down to siblings?
    Many thanks.

  6. Legal Wiz

    Dear Mike,
    Thanks for writing in. Based on the information you supplied, the response has to be limited. Questions arise such as:
    1. Was there in fact a title, and in whose name?
    2. Are there other siblings or a spouse of your father alive?
    3. What does your cousin mean by saying ‘they took care of everything’?

    Property with or without will is not ‘officially’ automatically passed on to anyone. There are procedures that need to be followed for any action to be done to a title such as adding new names to or replacing existing names on the said title.

    It seems you may need to retrieve a copy of the title, and get further legal advise from an attorney-at-law. A member of the International Legal Legwork (Jamaica) team can assist. Please therefore write again if you have more questions, or, wish to be connected with an attorney for further assistance.
    Legal Wiz

  7. Cherri Robinson

    If you are the part beneficiary to a property which has a stipulation in the will that it must not be sold – can you ignore this and sell it or is this binding in law?
    C. Robinson

  8. Hi Cherri,
    Thanks for writing in… The will has to be checked by one of our attornies to proper advise you. However at a glance of your question, provided the Will is correctly drafted, and effectively probated, the land must not be sold.
    The person who gets the land must do as the person would have done if that person had not died.
    Legal Wiz

  9. Pat

    Good morning,

    I recently got married in Jamaica to a man born and raised in Jamaica (has only traveled once on his visa). I am a US citizen and I migrated to the States at a tender age 21yrs ago. How can I file for him to migrate to the States while we’re living in Jamaica now? How long will filing take since I’m doing it in Jamaica and not the States? Please advise at your earliest convenience.

  10. Please allow us to get back to you once the relevant attorney has responded to us. He is based in the US and needs time. Otherwise you could be directed to a local attorney for quicker consultation.

  11. trish

    Hello good day
    i saw a piece of land vacant for some time now, i did some checks as i was interested in buying, one of the owners passed away and the et al is living in Florida with no contact left behind. On doing checks they haven’t paid any tax on the land since 2011. The National Land Agency advised me to seek legal advice as to how to progress with the matter.

  12. Dear Trish.. please stay connected for a posted response on this site.

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