21 yr old wants to clear yeast infection, get pregnant

21 wants to clear yeast infection, get pregnant

QUESTION: Dear Jamaica Herbalist

Hello good day my name is Monique I am 21 years of age.I have been having a east infection problem over couple of years now every minute I have to visit my doctor I have to keep going back because the medication doesn’t seems to be working.next I am a little puzzle because my partner as discharge in me on many occasions but yet i haven’t get pregnant that really puzzle me.when I visit my doctor and a gynecologist they all say i am fine but i am still puzzled. I have heard about the dog blood bush I have access to it but I just want to know how to take it and when to take it.must i drink it as tea or as a medicine? Please im asking for your advice.also could u suggest a next herbal bush that can work along side with the dog blood bush.


RESPONSE: Dear Monica,
You need to clear up the infection attacks first by changing some of your habits and takin relevant herbs. Coconut cream is very good to drive it away. Be sure to review the website for more options. Yes, dog blood bush is good for pregnancy.

Jamaica Herbalist

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