A Kartel of negative Vybz within Jamaica

A Kartel of negative Vybz within Jamaica

I dilerately refuse to write any report on the Vybz Kartel saga for numerous reasons – main one being I do not promote negativity in any of my writings. I refuse to glorify crime. That aside, I already have my ounce of drama to afford going into a Courtroom and seeing faces I really would rather forget, to do a story and be targeted later.
So here I am promoting a reality check through critical thought.
Whichever side of the picket fence you may fall, there is need to do a reality check on Jamaica.

Reality check?
It’s important for Jamaica to take a long look at itself. There are a few perspectives that I’ll offer before I go on. Perspective one: the notion that Vybz Kartel is innocent of this particular crime, but being a man of negative influence on just too many to count, he should be held till he’s forgotten. Perspective two: Vybz Kartel is guilty but should be set free on technicalities to please the more than enough worldians who clamour for their god.
Either way, check this out.
A person examining the overall tone of the songs and image of Vybz Kartel would consider the rationale for his influence on so many persons.
Truth is there is a lot of hate in young people or they would never be so influenced by the songs of lifestyles of Vybz Kartel.
That’s the bigger picture.. why would a nice innocent welll taught focused saint just suddenly get up and idolise Kartel singing his song as the gospel..
The crowd who saw the need to gather at the Supreme Court and those rant and rage all over apparently relate to the songs of Vybz Kartel. For the hate that lies within and except for the law they too would have killed and beaten a few — THATS THE BIGGER PICTURE.. Vybz Kartel is silenced behinds bars, for now — but what of the sleeping emotions he has stirred.. how will we deal with an angry nation…who apparently could be venting through songs they can relate to which reflect their vision.

Our flag: Hardships they are, but…

Jamaica’s flag interpreted as “Hardships they are but the land is green and the sun shineth.” Lots of Jamaicans pent up hate at the hardships they face daily – some being born into it. And along with other nations who can relate to the spoken vision of acts of crime, becomes influenced so quickly.
That a man can do the crime then earn a dime from singing about it, even when he does time in jail is just ludicrous BUT the reality.
A young teenager yesterday, boasted the words of one of the latest songs about Kartel killing lizard, before he himself attacked some adults about ignoring good tunes such as teaching them to iron their clothes.
Those individuals who were taught better and the value of our flag beyond literal colours and meaning, meaning DO KNOW BETTER.. Unfortunately too many persons had children too prematurely and didnt have a chance to learn the lessons they should have to teach others.. and we no longer have a society that assists in teaching young children together.. SO HERE WE ARE through generation X, Y, and the invasion of generation XUV…… the CLUELESSSS!!!
BUT let’s critically think about the solution. One school of thought bury Vybz in prison. Adidja Azim Palmer (born 7 January 1976) better known as Vybz Kartel, is a Jamaican dancehall artist, songwriter, businessman and convicted murderer on March 14, 2014.
The reality though is that there are others with more game doing far worse than him – will those be eventually caught?
The real question is what’s next?

Reggae versus Dancehall

Internationally what’s next for Reggae and it’s offspring the dancehall culture that has contributed to the world a slew of criminals, not following in the footsteps of its parents. Now Vybz is not the dancehall world, nor is Buju who was convicted on a cocaine charge. There will be others who make their lifestyle the theme of their music just like some rappers. It’s hardly convincing that this one man who ran afoul of the law will stop the wheels of dancehall, but the BIGGER QUESTION is – are our youth rescued from their hatred?

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