ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO: It's Jamaica Day on February 23rd, 2018 and Allman Town Students are enjoying educational board games made by the Grade Four Students.

Allman Town Primary students enjoy Visual Arts classes, Jamaica Day

..the Grade 4 students who mostly hated the arts have done a full scene from lines, stamps, storyboards, collages headgear, -board games …with much enthusiasm

So at last I was convinced to conduct Visual Arts classes at Allman Town Primary.
Thankfully, on behalf of all Visual Artists the government of Jamaica through it’s Ministry Of Education, has made it compulsory. After all the subject is critical to advancing the whole human race – Jamaica first.
One and a half term later the Grade Four students who mostly hated the arts have done a full scene from lines, portraits, stamps, storyboards, collages headgear and ahh yes – board games.


Professional artists including Ginger, an artisan and Rico Nagase, a Japanese-Jamaican have assisted in sessions for the students.

The board games which were the last project so far was along with the collages geared towards keeping culture preservation so done as a special Jamaica Day project.


The students are enthusiastic, and moreso inspired to be dynamic and creative for a long time to come for Jamaica’s sake if not their own.
They collectively had fun learning how to work as teams, and understanding skills such as critical thinking, literacy… MORE IMPORTANTly Grade four has learnt to combine information from varied disciplines for a final project result. All in accordance with the overriding objective of the Visual Arts curriculum set by the Ministry Of Education supervised by Education Officers Mrs Lorraine Williams and Mr Ewan Williams in collaboration with the school’s administration.

Of course for the board game they used information learnt on the land and rivers of Jamaica, and made good reference to the folk characters Big Boy, Rivah Mummah, Bradda Anansi and Rolling Calf to provide a useful journey across Jamaica.


It was worth seeing other students from grades 1 to six rushing in to indulge in a game or two, but even more exciting to watch students take on to answer the carded questions and riddles on Jamaica.
Jamaica Day was more a blast when even teachers such as Ms Ogle got a pinch of inspiration to add her touch in completing the welcoming Anansi outside the games room organised by the Grade Four teachers.

Definitely An Irie Jamaican!

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