Bad sinusitis.. what Jamaica herbs to use

Bad sinusitis.. what Jamaica herbs to use

QUESTION: Dear Jamaica Herbalist,
I have terrible sinusitis. My breath smells and there is a serious drain to my mouth resulting in worsening periodontitis.

RESPONSE: Dear Sharma,
Without delay, please gather some herbs as follows and prepare homeade Organic Solutions Herbal Snuff. To address blocked nasal passages, sniffles, sinus blockage, you need a combination of organic and powdered goldenseal root, bayberry bark, garlic, and cayenne.
GOLDEN SEAL ROOT prohibits bacterial and viral growth and helps suppress mucus
The bark of BAYBERRY acts as a natural decongestant, drains mucous through the nose, and reduces sinus cavity swelling
GARLIC releases antioxidants which attacks the environmental causes of allergies
CAYENNE PEPPER relieves nasal congestion, draining congested mucous, and soothes inflammation

A bit of garlic a day before breakfast can be taken on an empty stomach.

DOs and DONTs

ADDITIONALLY here are some lifestyle changes:
Drink a gallon of pure spring water daily
Stop smoking
Stop drinking
Reduce pasteurized dairy and processed products to nominal
Avoid all artificial ingredients ie colourings, flavorings, preservatives, and GMOs
Avoid refined sugar and sweeteners
Avoid pollen and strong scents such as parfumes

Eat organic as much as possible, especially the “dirty dozen” and animal protein
Soak or sprout beans, nuts, and grains to release enzyme inhibitors
Eat at least 80% raw, focusing on a variety of foods with lots of green leafy vegetables
Eat a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats


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