Beating infertility, Getting pregnant with Jamaican herbs

I heard that herbs in Jamaica are good for infertility. My bo & I are coming down & would love to visit with you – wondered if I can get pregnant with your help

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
I heard that herbs in Jamaica are so good for infertility. My boyfriend and I are coming down and would love to visit with you. We’ve been trying to get have a baby for a few months, and wondered if I could get pregnant while I am there with your help. Can we get some herbs to take. We already went to the doctor and all signs show WE SHOULD have NO problems, but we do. I can’t get pregnant.

RESPONSE: Dear Sasha-Ann,
Of course, the most natural way to becoming pregnant is staying healthy and stress free. However, there are a number of naturally grown plants referred to as herbs or commonly as ‘bush’ in Jamaica that can assist one to get pregnant.
We have a good blend of influences from the many nationals existing her such as Indian, Chinese which improves how herbalists use and apply herbs.
In Jamaica, herbalists love to recommend or offer potions of dog blood bush and shame-o-macka. Several other herbs exists and are effective if this is truley the way you want to go. Advise must be sought on preparation and proper dosages however.
Herbalist will recommend several kinds of herbs, best had as drink infusions either of specific herbs or combinations. You will also be advised on how to prepare yourself, including maintaining temperatures, blood levels and so on. It is recommended to consult with your medical doctor, although more persons opt for total natural. Remember then to bring along your medical history and any medication you are on.

The plants and herbs include:
Wild Jamaican Yam
False unicorn root
Seeds of pumpkin
Chaste Tree Berry (called Vitex)
Dong Quai


dog blood plant
black and blue cohosh (HIGH RISKS)

Jamaica Herbalist

– Pregnant women should not take dog wood tree elements esp the bark
– Remember to get experienced or qualified herbalists who are well aware of the specific use of each herbs, and moreso how they react with other herbs or prescribed medication.

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

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  1. Dear Herbalist,
    What herbs would you suggest for a pituitary adenoma which causes lactation even when i am not pregnant and have never been pregnant/

  2. Where in Jamaica are you? I have had a miscarriage at 3 months and a week and I did a d&C I now have three periods since then which was August of this year however my period is irregular it comes the 26 of September then the 26 of October now the 23 of November so its hard to predict my ovulation days my mother in law saws I should get some bush to wash me out but someone told me about vitex to regularized my period how can you assist me?

  3. I am 43 years old and I did a tubal ligation 9 years ago but now my husband and I are interested in having another child. What herbs can we take to help us?

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