Jamaica Art Scope

Updates on Jamaica’s art scene – artists, their work, etc

‘Come See My Etching’ in Harmony

Adding his strokes to relieving Haitians, Andy Jefferson will exhibit his ecthings at Harmony Hall to garner well needed funds. The British-born artist, who has been living and working in Jamaica since 1981

Opening of Pottery Exhibition at CPTC to celebrate anniversary

Berl Francis felt is was a great honour to address the opening of the recently held exhibition “Potters Clay” at CPTC last Thursday, February 18. Especially as she was to fill the shoes of the late Professor Rex Nettleford who passed away.

More force for Anthea McGibbon to promote arts and culture of Jamaica

After only a year, new persons joined Anthea McGibbon to promote the culture and creative industry of Jamaica, while maintaining their individual professions.


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