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Art Career Library: Visual Art Careers

The list of visual art careers includes group fields such as journalism, writing, photography, painting, advertising careers

Art career: Legally representing the creative force

It goes without saying that hardly any member of the creative community can exist without legal representation, as the field is a crafty one, for both performing artists and visual artists alike.

ART CAREER: Building your own website, then for others

Although you may not be an expert website designer, or developer, there is opportunity for you, once creative to be the extended arm of a website developer. You can create website for others.
Especially as the budgetary constraints have forced persons to go scurrying for a low end website to market themselves online.


Photography is definitely not just about pointing and shooting, that is, if you move beyond experimenting with the features of the camera.
Photography in its truest sense is really painting with light, with your camera as your paintbrush, and the film, as your canvas, when likened to a painter.