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Places to be and to visit when in Jamaica.

Editorial: Jamaica’s tourism, art, culture and map to success

On August 6, the day of Jamaica’s Independence, the day started prayerfully at Jamaica House. Among the items, which held attendees and watchers in prayerful reverence, and retrospect were the St John’s Primary students who encouraged all to “Follow the m-a-p”.
The item cleverly put together was a call for Jamaicans to be mindful of Jamaica’s Motto, Anthem, Pledge.
…main participants along the North Coast of Jamaica were observed, and had a chance too to share their views on tourism and art as a combined Jamaican product.

Jamaica 2009 National Festival Art Exhibition opens

ON Sunday, July 19, at 3:00p.m., the National Visual Arts Competition and Exhibition is scheduled to open at the National Gallery in Kingston, and will continue till August 22. It is popularly known as the Festival Exhibition. On show will be a new collection of 218 award-winning works, by 70 new artists.