Christians celebrate Christmas regardless…

December 25th, 2016 by Anthea | Print Christians celebrate Christmas regardless…

Its literally a different era for Christians the world over. While umpteen persons are bent on destroying christendom, and others simply do more than question the very traditional practices that lay foundation for this faith, a great number of christians dare to be truley saved.
It is true that several practices are pagan originated, but far more christians dedicated to erase negativity are upholding the practices.
One pastor even publicly reaffirms that he seizes every opportunity to ‘worship his saviour and lord’.

So its no surprise to see and feel emotional especially in December, because for christians its not a matter of when Christ was born thats important, but that he was born. Celebrating Christmas therefore is a matter of Massing for Christ according to Catholics.
The carols heralded tell stories of the birth, life, death of this saviour and even more unfolded experiences, some supernatural and even miracles.

Never mind the threat of persecution, which in the mind of some is invited by the devious works of some false prophets, and ill bred christians not fully converted if any at all.

The Bible is revered as more than a book, as it is never about the minor errors as a result of the shortcomings of human input, but the principles laying the foundation of a sound life.
So goodbye to the worlds interpretation, no welcome for Santas and other make believe stories, as there are Christians who believe that things bad can be made good. After all out of the evil of society came Jesus Christ the saviour to save the very ills.

As for Jamaica, lets say we celebrate Christmas as a christian country, and highlight or cultural icons jonkonnu/ junkanoo, Brer Anancy and more that provide useful education and guide to a sound living.


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