Contacting Jamaica Herbalist as at August 20, 2017

August 20th, 2017 by jamaicaherbalist | Print Contacting Jamaica Herbalist as at August 20, 2017

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
How can I get to see the Jamaica Herbalist?

Dear Pedro,

There are several herbalists who network with us. You can have a visit, (but only by appointment or to come in an schedule an appointment to see a herbalist as necessary).
Herbalists are never usually present in the office and meet strictly by appointment, and only as necessary.
The herbalist team operate strictly to the benefit of the wider Jamaican populace to encourage a natural approach to health.

Your visit to the office will therefore strictly result in you garnering information on how to set an appointment for consultation or otherwise, or to acquire the herbs.
IT IS HIGHLY recommended that you send an email for general information as the first step in meeting the herbalist, as most times you dont need to actually see one, as the information is sent to you and posted for general consumption of the public.



Of course, we facilitate sales of herbs.
You can simply arrange for direct purchase and pick up from our office or delivery.

Jamaica Herbalist

EDITOR’S NOTES:__________________________________________
We cannot fill any orders relating to hemp, as this is illegal in Jamaica.
You can get information on where to access it – You simply must take that risk on your own.
None of the herbalists are certified medical practitioners and therefore you may want to check with a physician before using any of the herbs received. However general guidelines on how to use the herbs safely are generally provided on this site, and by the herbalists and also upon you receiving any of such herbs from the team.
DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT accessing and usage of the hemp plant is common in Jamaica!!!



  1. Love You

    Hi Herbalist

    Is there a way to get your service if I reside in Canada?


  2. LOVE YOU.
    Yes you can. Write an email or call


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