Du’Look Jamaica, Jamaica’s First Fashion Catalogue out June

One innovative idea being realised in the 50th year of Independence is the Du’Look Jamaica Fashion Catalogue created by Du’Jour Transform Limited

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Jamaica is seeing many innovative ideas being realised in its 50th year of Independence. One of these milestones is the Du’Look Jamaica Fashion Catalogue created by Du’Jour Transform Limited. The catalogue will be released in June 2012.

Du’Look Jamaica – Jamaica’s first designer fashion catalogue was created by Carone Fisher-Messado and Lexi Haynes as a sales and promotional tool for local fashion designers. The publication is bi-annual and will be published in January & June of each year, showcasing collections for up to 15 designers. This will be promotion for 30 designers per year. The inaugural issue will feature designers such as Drenna Luna by Arlene Martin, Sandra Kennedy, Heather Lane, Yola Gray, and Patwa Designs. Passionate about the need for growth in the fashion and apparel industry, Carone Messado – CEO of Du’Jour Transform Ltd and Vice-Chair of the Jamaica Fashion & Apparel Cluster (JFAC) states “The catalogue was created to be used as a marketing tool for local designers, it will be another avenue for promoting their brands with a wider reach and a new and exciting market for Brand Jamaica.”
Jamaica’s fashion industry has been granted an amazing opportunity to literally show what we are made of, as Du’Look Jamaica will be distributed at Ladies’ Day at the Royal Ascot Racecourse located in the UK. This grand opportunity came about through Marcellas James of Cinderella Hats and MarMar & Associates Ltd. Cinderella Hats will be the main focus of Ladies Day at Royal Ascot Racecourse on Thursday, June 21, 2012 the same day that Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee. Carone recalls, “After developing the catalogue, Marcellas & I were discussing her big project with Royal Ascot (through MarMar & Associates), and she suggested that we bring the two together as everyone in the industry would benefit by reaching a virtually untapped market of the world’s most renowned royals and socialites. We started working immediately and the rest is history.”
The catalogue is endorsed by the Jamaica Fashion and Apparel Cluster and MarMar & Associates Ltd., the official Organizers for Jamaica 50th Celebration at Royal Ascot. The inaugural issue will target over 300,000 captive sophisticated patrons who will be attending ‘Ladies’ Day’ at the Royal Ascot Racecourse. It will also be gifted to 200 patrons that will be at the Trackside Club Lounge that will be transformed into ‘Brand Jamaica’ Lounge. Through MarMar & Associates the catalogue will be distributed throughout the United Kingdom to approximately 1 million potential buyers.
ABOUT Du’Jour Transform
Du’Jour Transform Ltd is a company formed by Carone Fisher-Messado, & Lexi Haynes to transform the Jamaican fashion landscape. The vision of Du’Jour is to be the driving force behind the revolutionization of the local industry. This will be achieved through hosting various business intensive initiatives geared at garnering sales and exposure for local designers. One such initiative is the Du’Look Jamaica Fashion Catalogue.

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