Easter traditions and I, should I or NOT?

Easter traditions and I, should I or NOT?

Ever looked at Easter traditions around the world. Ever thought about how Jamaicans got their traditions. Ever wondered what traditions we could begin to be authentic Jamaican…!

WHETHER you attend cofu smashing events in Germany or paint eggs in Jamaica, I, Anthea McGibbon wish you all a Holy and Happy Easter.
I can only muse at the goodness of the Creator in keeping not only me, but everyone who is alive, alive to see this day.
There are traditions that make you wonder though such as the cofu smashing event… actually throwing and smashing pots. Germans do this to symbolise their throwing out and smashing Judas, the betrayer of our Lord and Saviour.
In Jamaica, there are some traditions I like.. and of course the flowers that bloom extra at this time of year such as the Easter lilies.
BUT!! There are just about too many traditions we adopt from other countries, mostly from United States. Painting eggs, for bunnies when we do not even go on rabbit hunts. In fact, we simply do not have enough rabbits and rabbit holes.
Why bake hot cross buns.. why even eat buns more at this time. How do we as Jamaicans relate.
Let’s for this Easter meditate on our actions, and truley strive to begin some new ones that make us PURE RAW Jamaican, so that we can advance ourselves not the culture of others.
Attending church is good.. but thank God we have not adopted cutting ourselves and taking long hikes beating our bodies. Fasting of course is indeed purifyng.
Easting only fish and bread… mmmm sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It makes sense though to keep my memories of the feeding of the five thousand alive. I love the Easter movies, but Spartacus has somehow grown on me.. I must have watched it 100 times already.. great Easter movie.
I think I will do a new tradition with the sun and the night. I have yet to set an egg, and see what lies in my future – that’s a good one I think.. sounds fun.

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