EDITORIAL: ART Careers for Jamaicans everywhere

Suprisingly although Jamaica has surpassed boundaries, and, somehow manages quite well in the first world, many Jamaicans remain clueless on art as a career.

Surprisingly although Jamaica, as a third world country, has surpassed boundaries, and, somehow manages quite well in the first world, many Jamaicans remain clueless on art as a career. Over 200 parents were asked if they would support their children seeking a career in visual art, and needless to say less than a handful were clueless of the field beyond applying paint to canvas to capture a Jamaican scene, and then struggling for months along the sidewalks to sell it. This is unfortunate, especially when so many tools are available to teach and research on just about anything.
On the other hand, some parents question the outcome of their child.
Then you have to wonder how is it that Jamaica is slow at advancing in the human race. After all, every time America sneezes, there is a belief that for sure Jamaica will catch cold.

Truth be told Jamaicans although having access to information right before them, they seldom even reach out to grasp it.

Today with over 100 art careers in art from interior decorating, designing straight to scientist artist, there is literally a career in art for everyone to relate to.
But do Jamaicans seek information to influence the youth in making qualified decisions. Certainly not.
Unfortunately not in today’s age. Thank God some contemporary Jamaicans are getting it. although the selected few. The others get it once they have a chance to travel and ‘be exposed’, needless to say they have to be influenced by actually seeing an expression of these art forms elsewhere before the red colour of their eyes leads to a desire in their heart to see that art mirrored in Jamaica.
Its only on a note of encouragement that I fathom to scribe this thought.
I believe wholeheartedly that the creative mind is needed to advance and transform Jamaica from third world to first world.
Only when the young among us are exposed to their potentials and development through an understanding and exposure to the critical role and impact of the arts.
Hence I started the OAaSIS International Foundation (more at www.oaasisinternational.org).
Its just a matter of support and that too I may have to go outside to bring in persons with understanding to lead by example.
Only when we develop the creative mind of young Jamaicans can we envision a future with the best inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs being birthed on our shores.

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