Games Jamaicans play

Here’s a growing list of games Jamaicans indulge in, a guide to ideal hang out spots with a few great Jamaican, to learn their culture through socialising

Jamaicans play almost everything, IF NOT all games at one time or another – indoor and outdoor.

Interesting enough, even chess is being introduced at primary level schools in order to keep children out of trouble. That method is more than working as several persons have enhanced their thinking capacity through games such as backgammon, chess.

KENNETH PETAGRAVE PHOTO: Chris Blackwell plays Backgammon with Dwight Sangster who placed fifth in the main flight on Sunday

So, now more than the adults are developing a sharp mind and of course this is good for the future of the country which already has highly creative and intellectual beings. With more thinkers, and ways to ensure focus, you can never tell where Jamaicans indivually will go, let alone if they ever get united for common goods.
Here’s a list of games Jamaicans indulge in. Of course, the list is not exhausted, but is a guide to ideal hang out spots for playing games with a few great Jamaican, while you learn of them and their culture through socialising morning, noon or night.
On this site, you can also find information on games created by Jamaicans, and some of these games are even based on the history and culture of the island.
There’s a brown girl in the ring

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