I need a Jamaican Cash Pot Number, Symbol & Meaning Book!

The CASH POT books are sold locally. I do not know of ‘cash pot and numbers books’ for Jamaica cash pot selling outside of Jamaica, as the meanings vary..

Is it true that cash pot goes up to 80 numbers?

QUESTION: Dear Anthea,

I came across your blog online, while trying to get a copy of the Jamaican Cash Pot Number, Symbol and Meaning Book that goes from 1-36. I live in the United States of America, and have been searching the internet with no luck.

Dear Marie,

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5 thoughts on “I need a Jamaican Cash Pot Number, Symbol & Meaning Book!

  1. Hazel Smith … Greetings and welcome.
    I know no where in USA where it is being sold. Please realise that you must cover the expenses plus cost of book to have someone here purchase and send the same to you. here is a chart you can get.. and the symbols and numbers are found on this site.

  2. Hazel Smith. The general cash pot book or chart is usually free to members of th public. However you need to cover the expenses for someone going to the office to acquire it on your behalf, as well as to mail it off to you.

  3. Hi Constantine,
    Thanks for writing. Please refer to the articles about Drop Pan on this site by entering “drop pan” in the search box on the home page of this website.


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