JAMAICA COVID 19 WATCH: Power punch by survivors, herbalists


So if you have been keeping abreast, there have been some survivors sharing their home remedies. Additional research was also done to prepare this article.Here’s a power punch which might just save your life
Blend or boil together (the more raw, the better)
– honey
– garlic
– ginger
– cloves
– lime or orange rind
– leaves from papaya
– onion
– pimento
NOTE: If you choose to brew, fermenting in a sanitised bottle can only make it stronger. If its prepared raw, a tip of oil such as castor oil, cod liver oil does wonders.

TEAS are helpful too
Cerassee leaves
Almond leaves
Papaya leaves


REMEMBER COVID-19 national rules include:
on essential workers stay home
essential services such as supermarket, corner shops remain open
markets will close from 2pm
only 20 persons should be facilitated at select public spaces
social distancing

EDITOR’S NOTES:__________________________________________
The above does not constitute professional medical advice, and in no way is meant to replace the service of a trained medical practitioner. Always remember that we operate in the interest of the general public first, as the herbalist team operates strictly to the benefit of the wider Jamaican populace to encourage a natural approach to health.

1. Send an email regarding your concern
2. Keep reading the website for the general response
3. Sometimes there are emailed responses
4. Herbs can be ordered online or by phone, but are not delivered till our conditions and terms are met
Your discussion with a physical herbalist in person or by phone, will be only after you have taken the steps above.


For herbs to be delivered or sent to you, you can now make arrangements by contacting our team.



Of course, we facilitate sales of herbs.
You can simply arrange for direct purchase and pick up from our office or delivery.

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

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