Jamaica Herbs for Dengue Fever control

Jamaica Herbs for Dengue Fever control

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
I’m think I am having Dengue Fever symptoms, and I really cant go in to the doctor right now.

Dear Baba,

When experiencing any symptoms you suspect as relating to Dengue Fever, a visit to the trained medical physician is a must. This is because clinical presentation and a blood test is the only way to correctly diagnose the virus.
There are herbs found in Jamaica that persons have claimed success in removing symptoms related to Dengue however, so I’ll list a few here. If you can find them, take in moderation. At most they must be had frequent enough to increase white platelets. However according to one Professor Samdani, “it’s not the drop in platelet count that’s more dangerous; it’s the rise in hematocrit and hemoglobin that can lead to more complications,” “It’s important they drink more liquid and look for signs of bleeding rather than concentrating on these small home remedies for dengue.” In conclusion prevention is the best cure, and if you do get dengue, drink lots of fluid, and consume large amounts of vitamin C which is best taken long before you are bitten by the infected mosquito.
Also be sure to uphold proper hygiene. Here is a list of herbs found in Jamaica thats useful.

Neem leaves have shown to increase both blood platelets and white blood cell platelet count, two of which are the worst side effects of dengue fever.


Chirayta is mostly taken as a bitter tonic to boost ones immune system, esp for health conditions like fever, and loss of appetite, both of which are symptoms of dengue fever. Chirayta is also available in many forms like raw, powder and capsule.


Giloy, or Guduchi is a popular herb used in medicines.Its a perennial climbing herb known as one of the amritas (roots of immortality). The paan-shaped leaf has antioxidant properties that boost ones immune system, help protect against free radical damage, reducing fever and increasing blood platelet count. It is highly alkaline and has anti-inflammatory effects and is available as powder, capsules or juice.

LEAVES of PAW PAW – Papaya







As for medicine, Paracetamol is usually medication recommended or prescribed.

SUMMARY – Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms show after four days average after being bitten. The fever can begin within 3 days.

The disease has a sudden onset and symptoms may include:
– fever (105°F (40.5°C)) for 3 to 7 days
– intense headache and pain behind the eyes
– muscle and joint pain
– loss of appetite
– vomiting and diarrhoea
– skin rash flat and red which blanches when pressure is applied
– bleeding, usually from the nose or gums.

Recovery is sometimes associated with prolonged fatigue and depression.

Although repeated episodes of dengue fever can lead to (dengue hemorrhagic fever) excessive bleeding and shock but, with appropriate treatment, dengue fever is rarely life threatening or fatal.

Jamaica Herbalist

Denguedengue hemorrhagic fever

The above is NOT to be construed as professional medical advice. If you are on prescribed medication, please use caution when considering herbs. At best consult your physician, and inform the herbalist with whom you are in discussion as well. Some herbs contain chemicals and toxins which can prove harmful if not used correctly. Email us

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