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Jamaica legal system can SUCK, but a good tool for recovery

Jamaica legal system can SUCK, but a good tool for recovery. From my own ill experience in 2004 court case gone sour I, Anthea, rise to help others as I heal

From my own experience I can vouch that the Jamaica legal court system CAN SUCK. When someone googles my name they see a 2004 case where a landlord once took me to Court and won a case. He claimed then I owed rent and I had lawyers at some point. At appeal court I lost.
This case has affected me somewhat, breaking my trust in the legal system and attornies until…. On one hand some persons conclude wrongfully on what went down. The reality is the lower court Judge erred. By the landlord’s own confession he admitted I didnt owe the rent, and that he wilfully destroyed my items. I even had proof and my employer then has proof that the man was paid BY CHECK before due date by them.
So how did I lose and wind up loosing at appeal.

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Wrong signals

It boils down to corruption and perhaps the inabilities of so called representatives of the both the legal and justice system. To elaborate will send wrong signals that I havent forgiven, developed or moved forward and I have made very long strides. Helping persons through this website to apply their rights to overcome and win their own battles is one long stride.
Needless to say one of the tools is my knowledge by immersion into the said legal system as a useful tool.
Besides some of these ‘players’ who made me suffer have also transformed for better, even now serving in public office for the nation. So either they are forced to play fair now, with clearer eyes free from emotion, or they will feel the wrath of god first, then Jamaicans – oo man.


I have since been apologised to out of the courtroom, and even better persons in authority encouraged me to do law – thus one reason for my entrance into legal studies. But in the end my training, when complete, would be better applied at a higher tier.
It is my intention always to create some tangible effect in rooting up any sowing of corruption, when I can and am able to.
I make no fanfare nor apology, about saying this as the system makes no fanfare or apology for cheating me out of justice, and worse flaunting the case on their website. Adding injury to my wounds in one other corrupted case another attorney had the audacity to download this and the Judge had the nerve to apply this as precedent in another case. I am not beyond the law, nor untouchable but credit or discredit me WHERE applicable and due. Do not fabricate simply to ‘look important’ or personal gain! Then again, dont hold me responsible for the rewards you reap!
So two cases alone I have founded concerns about. I do not sweat what God can, and has started to address. Even that crazy pervert for a landlord has had his JUST reward.
I now having knowledge by training and experience arm myself in case anyone else or any other player in this Jamaican Justice system decides to try anything similar. For that matter woe be unto any pervert, landlord or otherwise that comes to play his tricks on me.
The tragedy is where I can go on and do damage control and by experience and training help others, there are those victims of this justice system who can’t even move forward after sheer shell shock.
I do invite persons to read the entire case, and come and see either evidence from me or my then employer and draw your own conclusions.
As I heal through my involvement so can you. Dont sweat the small stuff.

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