Lost receipts, no probate, need to evict Jamaica tenant

Lost receipts, no probate, need to evict Jamaica tenant …Tenant will not leave, nor pay rent for my dad’s Jamaica property

My dad died and left three of us. My sister and I visit Jamaica, and she helps me to collect rent from a tenant I have in the house there. The tenant stopped paying anyone rent since the police who helped us died. How can I get her out, because I cant find my receipt book to prove she paid me rent. The title is still in my dads name and we have not done anything with the will he left yet.

Kindest regards
Mughead in NY

Dear Mughead,
Thanks for writing in. So by our research, you can take steps to get her out through the court nearest to you. Please ensure you give her a proper notice first. When that expires you take your copy with your original signature to the nearest parish court and obtain your summons. That summons is to be served upon her by anyone over the age of 18 years EXCEPT a police officer wearing red or blue seamed or ranked higher. Some persons charge a fee, but you can serve her by hand or by dropping it at her feet.
Your sister can assist to prove the tenancy where there is denial and the other beneficiaries of the will should give you a letter of consent and approval to rent the property and to recover possession from the tenant. Dont take it for granted that because you put her there you can get her out freely without trouble.
Now in the meantime, you really should resolve the ownership issues that is take steps necessary to probate the will. This may involve an attorney-at-law.
Keep connected. Write again for more.
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