‘Nuh Lickle Twang’ by Louise Bennett

‘Nuh Lickle Twang’ by Louise Bennett

In the thickening of the cultural climate across Jamaica, its time to become even more acquainted with our cultural icons and works which reiterate aspects of culture to us. How about Poetry By the Rt. Hon. Dr. Louise Bennett Coverley, Poet, Folklorist, Woman of Culture.
Take a close look at this poem entitled ‘Nuh Lickle Twang’ by Louise Bennett. Its relevant even more now as Jamaicans continue to travel foremostly for earning opportunities. So then whats the purpose of engaging ones mind in the culture of another so that your very identity is lost.
This poem gives challenge, and this challenge is reiterated to stand true. What if Jamaicans who traveled brought back a piece of what they were exposed to here to make local shores better. Why bring Jamaica elsewhere instead of bringing a bit of goodness home to help build Jamaica that much quicker.

No Lickle Twang

– Louise Bennett Coverley

Me glad fi see yuh come back, bwoy,
But lawd, yuh let me dung
Me shame a yuh so till all a
Me proudness drop a grung.

Yuh mean yuh go dah Merica
An spen six whole mont deh,
An come back not a piece better
Dan how yuh did go weh?

Bwoy, yuh no shame? Is so yuh come?
After yuh tan so lang!
Not even lickle language, bwoy?
Not even lickle twang?

An yuh sister what work ongle
One week wid Merican
She talk so nice now dat we have
De jooce fi understan?

Bwoy, yuh couldn improve yuhself!
An yuh get so much pay?
Yuh spen six mont a foreign, an
Come back ugly same way?

Not even a drapes trousiz, or
A pass de riddim coat?
Bwoy, not even a gole teet or
A gole chain roun yuh troat?

Suppose me laas me pass go introjooce
Yuh to a stranger
As me lamented son what lately
Come from Merica!

Dem hooda laugh after me, bwoy!
Me couldn tell dem so!
Dem hooda seh me lie, yuh wasa
Spen time back a Mocho!

No back-answer me, bwoy – yuh talk
Too bad! Shet up yuh mout!
Ah doan know how yuh an yuh puppa
Gwine to meck it out.

Ef yuh waan please him, meck him tink
Yuh bring back someting new.
Yuh always call him ‘Pa’ – dis evenin
When him comes seh ‘Poo’.

The intellectual property rights to the works of the Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley rest with her estate. If you wish permission to copy, distribute, perform, broadcast, make adaptations or in any way utilise the works of the Honorable Louise Bennett Coverley please contact her estate. The executors of the estate of the Honourable Louise Bennett Coverley are Judge Pamela Appelt and Fabian Coverley, they may be contacted at: legal@louisebennett.com

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