Pastor, Jamaica christians protest PM lockdown order, WHY….

COVID Sunday March 28, 2021:

So there are numerous Jamaicans prortesting Jamaicas Prime Ministers decision to lock down the church.

I want to know… So churches and christians rushing PM Andrew Holness as opposed to rushing COVID 19 with prayers and fire and brimstone from the heavens.. Then said christians call out PM Andrew Holness as being among those to be punished for his wicked deeds.. then said christians wish the man to stand and face COVID as opposed to locking down the country to protect those he was voted in to protect.. YET on the other hand at least ranting and raging Pastor holding CEASARS coins in his vault built by those he was ordained to lead, while other ordained leaders self appoint themselves as the keepers of the private parts of the young men and women in their congregation esp during the lockdown … So now when Christians get collectively persecuted and prosecuted in the last dayz who will be blamed? The PM Andrew Holness or christendom.. BUZZZ Answer: Christians of Christendumb!! Doesnt this present the best time to pass the test of ones faith?? Hmmmm!!!!!!!

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