Procedures to order Jamaican herbs from our herbalist team

March 10th, 2012 by Anthea | Print Procedures to order Jamaican herbs from our herbalist team

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
How can I get some herbs from Jamaica sent up to me in England?

Dear Sofia,

There are several ways. Some persons in the USA are already growing some of these plants, but claim the taste is different and not as strong. Several exporters exist, and the costs therefore vary.
Ordering from the Jamaica Herbalist team is as follows:

A. Order for shipped product
A1. Know what you want
A2. Have a specific quantity in mind
A3. Send an email to
A4. Send details on your choice of herb, quantity and specific address
A5. The first response will be a (a)quote which includes costs such as quarantine, shipping, preparation, packaging and (b)possible time for arrival and (c) payment methods (d) any other charges such as to purchase on your behalf at alternate supplier
NB: You may be required to wait a few weeks longer if the specific plant requires further preparation or if none is in stock and you opt to wait
A6. Make up your mind to pay taxes and duties, if charged at the customs at the airport of your location
A7. Once everything is agreed upon, you MUST pay in full which confirms your purchase
A8. You have the option to advise the shipping company that you will pay on arrival or b. clear package yourself
A9. Either way, you will be given your tracking or code number
A10. Exercise patience in awaiting the package

B1. Of course, You can simply arrange for direct purchase and pick up from our office

Jamaica Herbalist

We cannot fill any orders relating to ganja or hemp, as this is illegal in Jamaica.
You can get information on where to access it – You simply must take that risk on your own.

DO NOT TAKE IT FOR GRANTED THAT accessing and usage of the ganja or hemp plant is common in Jamaica!!!


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  1. Ann Gumbs

    Dear doctor
    We have been trying for a baby for 9months we are 50 + 53 please can you recommend which herbs I should take to help me conceive


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