SpiralX probes latest Computer Technology craze by Jamaicans

Go figure with new television sets/electronic boxes anyway making it possible to watch more than one movies, multiple channels plus news all-at-once.

What’s new for Jamaicans?!

Hi readers,
This is my first article and it almost a test really. I am grouping internet, television and phone under the umbrella of computer technology.

Jamaicans are pretty normal when it comes to joining a hype zone, but abnormal sometimes with the extent to which they go.
Either way they have caught on to the newest technology and it is amazing what is seen and is available in Jamaica.

On facebook alone, the number of groups started by Jamaicans is an alarming wake up call at how they have caught on to online networking for one. Not to mention the applications such as farmville, birthdays, fishville they indulge in.
Then there are other networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter that are visited more than the homes of friends and the dinner table quite frankly.
Cyberspace is truley where Jamaicans are migrating to. Always amazing the newest gadget. The latest phone gadget happening on Jamaica now is ‘android phones’, the main competitor to the iphone phone.
Computer trends are pretty much static. Not much happening since Mac took the intel processor as their own.
Hewlett Packard is basically stagnant and with Apple’s Steve Jobs deceased, its any one’s guess what will be next as the debate between Apple versus Windows as Personal Computer (PC) continues.

What’s exciting Jamaicans is the idea of watching movies online with services such as You Tube providing opportunity to watch almost everything recorded with motion. I have at least one friend who got rid of her cable, and her tv opting instead to link up on you tube and similar services for news, movies and such delights.

Go figure with new television sets/’electronic boxes’ anyway making it possible to watch more than one movies, multiple channels plus news all-at-once.
Then again a growing hype for Jamaica is using You tube on heir way to self-made stardom. Interesting clip on You Tube.

Particular trends seem to have faded from mainstream media almost as fast as it made news, but who knows what’s waiting in the wings..?

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