TESTIMONIALS on antheamcgibbon.com site: Thanks Legal Wiz

Thank You Legal Wiz… testimonial

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THANKS TO Legal Wiz, from YD JUNE 13th, 2014):

Thanks for your work!! Its amazing how you saved me a lot of money. I dont need to get a surveyor now, but I am going to need you further to get us a copy of the original title.
YD, Jamaican in NY

THANKS TO Legal Wiz, from Law Firm in NY (June 2014) via email:

Dear Ms. McGibbon:
I expect to write a little longer, positive email over the weekend. For now, my client is satisfied with your efforts and I hope to continue to utilize your services. For the next few days, please hold up any work on our behalf, but I do look forward to continue working with you. More to follow over the weekend.
Very Truly Yours,
V.B., Esq.

Law Office of V.B. Esq.

THANKS TO LEGAL WIZ, from Kaydien, Canada:
Thanks LLW Team. I would have gotten myself in trouble with the law if it werent for your background checks. Maybe we’ll wait to get married until I am sure he wont run off to her.

Thanks from Clients:

J, FORMER COWORKER, in Jamaica says about Legal Wiz (May 2013)
I am glad I bumped into you at Sutton Street (downtown Kingston, Jamaica). I really do not know what I would have done without your assistance last week. We worked together, and I didnt know you were really into this although I knew you were studying law. I didnt even know you finished paralegal training. I did as you told me to, even though I didnt understand fully until I was actually in the Courtroom, and started speaking to the Judge. I cant say much more of my business now, but I really appreciate you and what you did. I am glad you went into this business, so that people like me can better understand how the system works to protect you from unscrupulous persons. I am sure other persons out there who are afraid of the Court and lose out because they dont try to get someone to help will be glad if they knew of your service. i am looking forward to returning to court, and your further assistance. Thanks also for hooking me up with that other person

HALCOT, UK, (January 2013)
My mom and I are pleased with the tremendous work you are doing. We are happy with the results and just want you encourage you to keep it up, as quite a lot of people over here in England could benefit from your services.

WENDY BECKFORD (surname changed by request of client), overseas, says about Legal Wiz (July 2012):
Wendy B
Subject Testimonial
Message I am not sure how to post this directly to your testimonial page on the website, so I hope it can be posted. I live in Canada and needed to serve legal papers to an individual living in Jamaica. I had family there trying to assist with this process and just was not confident with how it would work. When I found this web site I was still concerned about dealing over the internet. Legal Wiz contacted me immediately and Anthea was fantastic, she kept me informed every step of the way, and had the job completed in two days. I would not hesitate to use Legal Wiz again, or to recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy individual to look after your matters back home. I was truly blessed to find her service.
Site http://www.antheamcgibbon.com

BEVERLEY CARTER, USA says to Legal Wiz (July 2012),
I seriously dont know how I would have managed without you. I just want to say thanks for doing all that running around across country, to the Courts, and helping me with all that paperwork for the Courts in Florida and Jamaica. You literally helped me to save an arm and a leg and found me a good lawyer on top of it. At first I wondered about that, but then I realised that what you do helps things to move even faster and smoother with the lawyer once we started. You do have a good heart and pay attention to everything even when everybody else seems confused. The time it took you to research every little thing and keep me over here posted was just amazing. So thanks for being there for me through all this. I know that really could not have made so much advancement or any success without your assistance.

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1 thought on “TESTIMONIALS on antheamcgibbon.com site: Thanks Legal Wiz

  1. Thank you Anthea McGibbon for your efficiency

    We have returned to our hometown and just want to say thanks for the services you carried out with efficiency for my son and I.

    When I first found you online, there were persons who saw a negative website about you and tried to convince me that you were a scammer. I read the website myself and was convinced otherwise.

    Now that you have proved yourself, I think it is only fair that I say thank you publicly and to also say that I did not find that the website about you was truthful in its content.

    I sincerely hope that the coward who tried to damage your reputation will find a better and more beneficial way to address any issues experienced with you and your services. Jamaica certainly needs more positive actions instead of trying to tear down each other, especially with fabricated, unverified information.

    It was not an easy task doing what you did, and I appreciate that you spent quality time to do ample research and to find me a very good lawyer so far. That is more than I can say for lawyers, and I know many of them both in my hometown in Cologne, Germany, and in Jamaica.

    Thanks again. We over here in the Diaspora need services like yours with honest persons who are willingly to work hard to see our project through till the end.

    I definitely am recommending you to persons over here, and hope that my son can build on the land soon.

    Once again, thanks.Valerie Simpson

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