The torture chamber – forgive and forget

They made me cry, they slandered me,
they built up a torture chamber all around me;
I found a way to release my soul,
but then they came and corked that hole,

They made me cry, they injured me,
then that wasnt enough so they slandered me;
Quite craftily they created a scene,
they made me a star, although no rehearsals ,
no script to read..

They made me cry, then they slandered me.

Now many years later, they rewrote the script
so they now well rehearsed look like superstars,
The torture chamber remains, and although I have flewn the gate,
They come still to demand an APOLOGY

– for torturing me…?

The heat from the torture
has singed their soul,
Their efforts to break my wing made my feet run faster
I climbed with just my hands
Travelling on the wind beneath me

YET.. now as they see me rising, they fold their hands and
go posing as if they made valid contribution to the divine plan

They come still and then attempt an apology,
but were disconnected from reality

How comes…?

They still attempt to torture me,
wait many years has passed and now
the arrows were bent the wrong way..

This time they cry but their cries fall on deaf ears,
This time they cant compare – they got caught in their snare
I have released them and the pains they caused
It was tormenting, but I fared the costs

I am free, liberty from the pangs of forgiveness
The pain long forgotten – my heart no longer heavy

But they can no longer torture me — Alas I have learnt that
As the true reality of forgive and forget

Still I wonder, do THEY now dwell in the torture chamber?

___________Principle of forgive and forget!_______________

FORGIVE and FORGET Principle or recipe for disaster: You know what more more persons need to come to grip with.. THE NUMBER of christians who have tortured and hurt so many persons and then turn around and expect the persons to like forgive and forget on the principle of christianity.. The bruised persons struggle for a long time because of the injuries inflicted and they tell them oh forgive and forget and God will asist you.. SO WHAT of the principle of apologising for the wrong you’ve done, and the deep wounds you’ve caused.. No wonder there is a lot of hate for he church.. This pie in the sky and no actual cake to eat on earth because these ‘christians’ eat everything and drop morsels for their victims to scramble for then have the audacity to brag about their mannah from heaven.. Let me tell you WISE UP! This forgive and forget principle is seriously miscommunicated, misrepresented and by far overrated.. WISE UP

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