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THOUGHT: How Jamaican teachers influence youth to become criminals

THOUGHT: How Jamaican teachers influence youth to become criminals

Today’s modern day teaching system in Jamaica is an entirely different book.
Personally, I have experienced blatant dishonesty in select teachers at at least one primary school so bad, I almost covered my nose from the ‘stench’.
When I began talking generally, I was amazed that other parents had the same complaints, and that they were abased into feeling they were the only ones making complaints.

These said teachers at the primary school level in Jamaica’s Education system are getting paid by the Jamaican Ministry of Education from the tax dollars of the public.

They disrespect this fact when they LIE in order to protect themselves, their reputation and the school.

Then we wonder how the education system produces criminal minds.

Minister Ruel Reid, The Children Development Agencies need to think about how this dishonest behaviour in teachers influences criminal mind!!!

It no longer is enough to make a complaint as a parent, because these greedy and self centred teachers seasoned in the system has a ready made explanation, and then somehow manages to divert the attention.

It will call for more awareness on the part of the parents and guardians of the possibilities of these actions, and in some cases they may have to walk with cameras and recording instruments.

The ruling agencies on the other hand need to monitor the classrooms more, and find was to interview children and their parents without the knowledge of the teachers.

There need to be strict penalties and at the very least probation without pay. But alas in today’s society, there isn’t even a proper investigative method, neither in the school nor in the wider society.

Hearsay is relied upon and so with ill intentions, who knows what mischief can be created.

Maybe it’s time to install cameras everywhere – I wouldnt object except the same recordings could go missing at the rate at which the executive system is operating.

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