Too many birth control pills, herbal cleanse needed

Too many pills, herbal cleanse needed

QUESTION: Dear Jamaican Herbalist,
I’m trying to cleanse my system as to try to get pregnant in a few months. My prob is that I’ve been taking excess birth control my whole life – how can I get all of it out of my system.

Dear DB,

It has to do with sorting out diet issues. Herbs taken for cleansing include dog blood bush, but you must do this in moderation, and properly prepared. Some herbalist assist persons to go on a cleansing diet as well. For this one has to have one on one consultation with the herbalist who can work with you, perhaps even to prepare the brew for you.

Jamaica Herbalist

The above does not constitute medical advice, and it is not intended that information provided is to be used as a substitute for a visit to the medical doctor.

Inhouse senior journalists research and discuss with specialists eg herbalists, attorneys-at-law, as necessary before posting responses for the benefit of the wider public.
Names are also changed at times by request.
For services not requiring a medical doctor, you may reach out to the team for separate arrangements to be made with the agent who will assist you. Conditions such as fees may be applied.

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.... a team of herbalist with experience in Jamaican herbology and proven record of their recommended cures using plants, herbs, fruits naturally grown in Jamaica. They are not necessarily trained medical doctors and recommend that consultation be had especially if prescribed medication. Click here to contact me. ...or email me here

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