Too young to work in Jamaica?

Too young to work in Jamaica?

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My friend recently interviewed for a position as a receptionist in a well-established firm. Though she passed the interview, she was told that she could not be hired because she was way too young. He (the manager) was looking for someone more mature.

But what does age have to do with maturity? Who was it that decided that one’s age dictates one’s level of maturity?

I have seen 50-year-olds who acted as if they were only 12 years old, and vice versa.

It is views such as those held by this ignorant manager that lead to unwarranted crime and violence in our society. If the doors of opportunity to legitimate and gainful employment are closed by the so-called ”bigger heads’, what other options do impoverished youths have? Surely, we all can’t all be entrepreneurs, as some politicians are quick to advise.

That leaves the ever-open door, a gateway to a life of crime and violence. And, surely, poverty has enough force to drive even morally upright individuals away from their values.


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