Visual Arts for Jamaica primary children

Visual Arts for Jamaica primary children

There are some concerns over the fact that the curriculum seems to be similar for at least Grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
This is not so however.
The Visual Arts curriculum is not about rocket science, but about fostering STEAM for honing first world citizens.
Through accurate planning and application of indepth knowledge, qualified teachers will understand that the repeated topics are to be done in layers.
so at each level, the student will be exposed to a higher tier of the same topic.
The elements of art for example is listed in almost every stage.
Grades 1-3 would have gotten a basic interaction.
The upper grades would focus on a different one, while being exposed to a different tier.

So then I would suggest that Grade 4 be exposed to lines as a means of communicating. Grade Four’s focus in about expressions and exploring.
Then by Grade 5, said students could begin to adopt ways to communicate through. Grade 5 students are about explorations.
Imaginary and Implied lines could be explored for example.
At the Grade six level, students could begin interpreting outline, gesture, and contour lines to experiment and understand the outcomes of lines.
Grade seven could now begin applying lines to capture specific objects.
Grades eight and nine has a different focus and students at this level really delve into communicating at a higher tier and are critiqued accordingly.

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