Youtube broadcasts OAaSIS in the spotlight of CVM at Sunrise

In under 10 minutes viewers were told of the need for the OAaSIS International Foundation and its impact in at least one location, and the response of children

At last, the long awaited recording of the interview where CVM TV at Sunrise shun brightly on OAaSIS representatives is available for those who missed on the opportunity to see it on April 12, Monday.


Regina Beavers, a former Miss Jamaica, who is now a TV host for CVM enjoyed every moment as much as she was equally informed about OAaSIS International Foundation.
Representing OAaSIS was Leighton Levy, a director in the foundation. He along Principal Kandi Lee Crooks-Smith of the Allman Town Primary who were beneficiaries for the first workshop for 2010 teamed to provide information on the foundation and its work.
The questions were strategic, but refreshing sparking energetic answers like a freshly made pot of coffee in the early morning and by the response so far, viewer interst has been peaked.

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In under 10 minutes viewers were told of the need for the OAaSIS International foundation and its impact in at least one location, and the response of children so far, plus more.
In an uncanny way Levy made viewers aware that sponsorship to date was mostly being done in skills, which is really hard to place real value on. Although actual sponsorship otherwise has been in the form of products from Burger King and Berger Paints, the workshops have been creating an impact whevever the team visits.
Funds are needed for some projects undertaken to defray rising costs for materials, transport, especially as more schools and communities call out for a visit. A drive for books and arts supplies is being started since for the library and art department to be set up at Sargeantville. Coin cannisters are now being placed at participating locations for the collection of mites towards these projects.

OAaSIS director Leighton Levy, CVM TV host Regina Beaver, Allman Town Principal Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith and CVM TV personality Rohan Daley who received honour in January for his creative expression in journalism, hailing from Allman Town. ANTHEA McGIBBON PHOTO

Another CVM TV host Rohan Daley further lightened the entertaining and informative interview when he made a guest appearance. He came on just in time to show a trophy he claimed he received from the organisation when recently honoured for his creative expression as a journalist hailing from Allman Town. In reality he received a certificate of recognition.

Last month during the live interview on Smile Jamaica on morning time, founder Anthea McGibbon, while seated in the waiting area received calls from schools lining up for visits.
There is a set schedule, which however remains flexible to change with more volunteers stepping aboard.

CONTRIBUTED PHOTO: Allman Town Principal Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith,left, and OAaSIS founder Anthea McGibbon at the entrance to the CVM television station.

In the meantime sponsors are now being enlisted and approached, and fundraising events are being planned. The creative series are a critical part to the first phase of the Foundation’s operations to sensitise the youth age 0-19 to the “critical role and impact of the arts”. As Leighton Levy says “We give them a chance to learn what they are good at”. Kandi-Lee Crooks-Smith added that it was not just to teach about Arts.
Plans are afoot to launch a creativity series for adults at a reasonable cost, that will see collaboration with already confirmed great masters such as Barrington Watson, Babatunde, Howard Moo Young among others. This series may not necessarily be done under the umbrella of the foundation which operates not-for-profit, but by partners of the Foundation, who will donate a percentage to the entity to assist with defraying costs.
The Solid Agency team, Farenheit and Peter Lloyd, are also in gear for the cause of charity and assisting to make things better. So they will be first choice in consideration for the artiste line up.

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