5 Jamaican proverbs for short Film contest

The Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) is alerting potential entrants of the second staging of the Fi Wi Short Film Competition which is open to the public from ages 13 to 90. The competition is free and open to individuals who have never made a film or had a screen play produced.

The proverbs explored are:

1. .Nuh mek yuh lef han know ha yuh right han a do.

TRANSLATION: Do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is best to keep some things a secret even from those who are close to you.

2. Nuh dash wey yuh tick before yuh dun crass riva.

TRANSLATION: Do not throw away your stick before you have gone across the river .

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Don’t celebrate until your victory is confirmed; be sure you are safe before you commend yourself.

3. Igle jackass falla cane trash guh a poun.

TRANSLATION: Stray jackass is taken to the animal pound.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Inactivity is determined ; someone with nothing to do will get into trouble.

4. Den coco ripe, im mus buss.

TRANSLATION: When cocoa ripens, it bursts.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: It is easy to identify the intentions of an individual by his/her actions; people can only take so much before they respond.

5. Same nife tick di sheep tick di goat.

TRANSLATION: Same knife that stick the sheep will stick the goat.

MEANINGS AND EXPLANATIONS: Be careful of people who make uncomplimentary remarks about others. People who gossip about others will one day gossip about you.


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