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SUITE JAMAICA is the ideal link between the people of the world to all concepts of Jamaican arts. Their mission is to provide a high quality online service and the best place to meet, both for the lovers of Jamaica, Jamaican art and for the artists, art galleries and art dealers, especially while on vacation. Curator Anthea McGibbon owns www.antheamcgibbon.com, a media website on arts, culture, law, spirituality and is a communications consultant and artist herself.

When people visit www.antheamcgibbon.com, to research information to buy and sell artwork, they are met with a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to discuss, research, buy and sell art safely and conveniently. On one hand the buyers can find original and limited edition artwork in different styles, themes and media. On the other hand the artists, galleries and art dealers have the opportunity to sell their art in a manner that is easy-to-use, powerful, and affordable.

Updates are available on all arts expressions by the team of write lovers.

SUITE JAMAICA is set up to facilitate Jamaican artists -visual, literary, performing, and culinary to some extent to show, tell and sell their work while an opportunity for rasing funds for OAaSIS International Foundation projects. At both the gallery and www.antheamcgibbon.com, you could find plenty of opportunity for communicating between artists, gallery owners, dealers, collectors and merely art lovers especially with the Jamaica focus factor.

SUITE JAMAICA came about after discussions with hotel management following discussions and challenges by the Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett. These challenges stemmed from reports and research made by Anthea McGibbon during her 14-year tenure at the Gleaner, where one of her roles was to write about the Arts and Cuture of Jamaica which led her to do a project on Arts and Toursim of Jamaica.

OTHER SERVICES at Iberostar: workshops, displays, ongoing exhibitions, readings

At SUITE JAMAICA Iberostar, Rose Hall, over 3,000 new guests per week are invited to indulge in:
1. Artworks shown and sold at Suite Jamaica, Gallery of Fine Arts
2. ‘Art to Heart’ display of prints and photographs with option to order originals or buy works shown
3. Art Eye Jamaican – monthly exhibitions for exposing artists
4. Specially-designed workshops or demonstrations by visual and performing artists
5. Special opportunity readings by poets, authors; and other slated performances
6. Opportunity is also there for promotion of products and services relating, on conditions applicable
7. Promotions catalogue of Jamaican artists
8. Features on themselves
9. etc

Gallery operator/curator, Anthea McGibbon says the overriding objectives worked out through SUITE JAMAICA, by both hotel and management are
a. exposing and selling artworks by Jamaica artists, b. earning funding for projects of OAaSIS International Foundation, while c. enabling Jamaican artists to earn from their skills. As a main benefit to the Iberostar hotel, international visitors have a piece of Jamaica to take home without leaving premises, while they learn of Jamaican artists and culture, and indulge in workshops on the Jamaica arts.

CHECK out who shows every week and visit any of the slated workshops and exhibtions.

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