Buying Jamaican Art online… hmmm

LISTEN UP!!! Beep beep. My recommendation to buying Jamaican art online is to fist ensure that you know the person. That’s actually the easiest recommendation. Of course, some of you would still love to buy art based on what you see or hear so Kudos to you for considering to support us Jamaican artists.
However, please ensure you research the seller well. Are they authentic. What means do they propose to get the art to you. AND of course, if you do not want the product you eventually get, what offer do they have for a refund or an exchange.
Now most times, persons especially Jamaican artists are overly scared to placing proper images of their works online. Can you really blame them. I’ve personally had my works physically STOLEN as a result of too good a image. I wont get into that.
I’ll just say check everything, and establish a relationship where you can with artist or seller.
Of course, its always a good thing if at some point you can actually see some work by that artist.

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