Vaccine hesitancy, is it worth it for Jamaicans?

Vaccine hesitancy may not be worth the risks involved!!

I overheard a fellow Jamaican question whether the country’s leaders actually got vaccinated. He suggested that the prime minister may have been given a dose of glucose. Every day Jamaicans discuss reasons for not wanting the jab. My own social media accounts are racked up with warnings, from wellwishers across the globe, against the vaccine.

The government has next to ordered AstraZeneca jab for adults, and that 12 to 18-year-olds should be jabbed, with Pfizer-BioNTech to join the normal world. In countries, like Germany, children self test twice weekly using kits. As a result, the rate of infection is reportedly controlled in these parts.

Vaccines seem to be more successful at relaxing the minds of health professionals. Vaccines seem to be the only tool they can fathom against this ‘act of nature’. At the risk of being religious persecuted, I dare to say that both the entire incident of Covid 19, and the vaccine hesitancy saga, could be deeply rooted in the spiritual world. The advent of both rests in Bible prophesy on the world’s end times.

World Health Organisation says… WHAT?

WHO notes four main reasons for vaccine hesitancy as:-
1. Safety and efficacy concerns, 2. Preference for physiological immunity, 3. Distrust in government and health organizations, 4. Autonomy and personal freedom. For Jamaica, these reasons are aligned differently. Number 3 becomes first – Distrust and Mistrust in the Jamaica Government and health organisations. Let us remember that initially WHO seemed to have been clueless on this Corona.
I remember when the World Health Organisation (WHO) banned the wearing of masks. Today, vaccinated or not, everybody must wear a mask. This is according to this WHO article on masks.

Variants reeking havoc despite jabs?

This Wallstreet Journal article reports on an outbreak of the Delta strain in Israel, among persons fully innoculated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Interestingly, Delta, which is the most dominant strain of the Covid virus, first surfaced in India. The same India was reported as the largest vaccine producers, and the country with the largest vaccination counts. The Delta works its way through pneumonia and begins with seasonal flu symptoms. This has led to vaccine hesitancy for instance.
The other listed variants, named in accordance with the Greek alphabet, mainly include Alpha (originating in UK), Beta (originating in South Africa), Gamma(originating in Brazil), Delta(originating in India), Epsilon (originating in California), Ita, Theta (Phillipines orgins), Iota (originating in New York), Kappa (India orgins), Lambda (peru origins). Main ingredient SARS-CoV-2. The variants can camuflage as other illnesses, mutate into life threats, and possibly override vaccines. Although, there is no proven link between the vaccines and increase in deaths, his influences vaccine hesitancy seeminlgly on the basis of ‘coincidence’. Owing to the nature of these variants vaccine hesitancy arises.

A better solution to vaccination.. HMmmmmmm

The increase in vaccine hesitancy, as the number of variants reportedly rise is legitimate. Vaccine hesitancy bears its own weight on Jamaicans. Still, not one vaccine critic can offer a better solution. We do know that as humans vary, so do the effects of Covid and the vaccines. Reports about unvaccinated and vaccinated persons being fatally infected mounts, and this influences health officials to work hard.
One news item once reported how vaccinated passengers, dying from blood clots in flight, led to pilots walking off their jobs. This recent report details a vaccinated passenger dying from Covid. This article can be a scare against performing CPR.

Medical reports blame deaths on vaccine hesitancy, while the jab reportedly reduces the risk of death, and, the need for hospitalisation.

Some would say that that there is sufficient cause for vaccine hesitancy. However, what alternatives are there? Here are the some shared best practices by reports.

BEST PRACTICES for Covid 19 control

Until you are fully vaccinated, you should keep yourself and others safer by:

  • Wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you are around people not in your own household, both indoors and in crowded outdoor settings
    Staying at least 6 feet apart from other people when possible
    Keeping away from large crowds and poorly ventilated spaces
    Washing your hands often
    Getting the COVID-19 vaccine
  • One must bear in mind that ‘being fully vaccinated’ translates to an ongoing series of jabs and booster shots.


    The FDA has approved and rebranded the Pfizer vaccine as Comirnaty (koe-mir’-na-tee) for ages 12 and upward.
    Vaccine hesitancy has always been around. Can you imagine having to inject the germ of a disease into your body to get rid of that disease? What would you have done? Would you have taken that vaccine ‘germ’ so readily? In 1955 there was vaccine hesitancy over the polio vaccine.
    History of vaccine hesitancy throught the world

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