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WINE ANTIOXIDANTS…..The antioxidants in red wine are both flavanoids and the nonflavanoid resveratrol–the ingredient in red wine that keeps the arteries clear of blockages, and may also help prevent obesity, diabetes, and therefore, heart disease.
What Are the Benefits of Wine?
Resveratrol is an antioxidant, kind of like an antiboitic, which attacks nasty substances that show up in our bodies. This particular substance has been shown to increase levels of good cholesterol, and fights bad cholesterol. It’s that bad cholesterol that forms plaques in the arteries, leading to heart attack. Resveratrol shows up in grapes and other fruits, acting as a pesticide, but fighting fungus instead of bugs. Although resveratrol is found in white wine, it is much more highly concentrated in red wine.
There are other health-helpers in wine as well.

Surprisingly, alcohol–which, when used in moderation can lower the risk of heart and artery diseases, by preventing plaques from building, and encouraging already formed plaques to dissolve–is the other major heavy-hitter for health benefits. The other, quercetin, acts as an anti-inflammatory, opening blood vessels and possibly also preventing cancer, allergies, heart disease and prostate diseases.

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