How to get married cheap cheap in Jamaica?

More men are joining the list of wishing women to have their “dreams come true” when it comes to getting married, some for religious reasons. For centuries getting married has been the way to seal one’s love, thus igniting an eternal flame to warm the family begun.

More persons from across the globe are choosing to come to Jamaica to begin a long life of stability, or simply to bond for many reasons, love and otherwise. Some have even written in to the Legal Wiz team of for assistance.

Dealing with economic challenges

Economic hardships have prevented lots from making a big splash, red carpet and all, for their special one. Then there are those who would rather go simple, getting joined in the presence of just a few supporters.
Two marriage officers and three trained photographers have joined the Legal Wiz network to provide services to the public.
This means that one can now contact the International Team of Legworkers or the Legal Wiz team for assistance in getting married at reasonably low fees. There is a package for everyone or rather any couple regardless of the budget.
This applies, whether you have been previously married, divorced or widowed, and also whether you are Jamaican or not.

How to get married cheap, but legally in Jamaica?

Once you are interested in getting married, or have actually set a date, you may write in, or, contact Legal Wiz for assistance in organising your marriage affair – ceremony, photography, church or other location and all in Jamaica. That is if you have picked Jamaica as your dream spot.


The basic popular package costs approximately US$350.00 or equivalent and covers:

  • – Stamped Minister’s license and relating documents. Please be aware that the marriage license last for three months
  • – The ceremony … a) marriage officer services b) ceremonial photographs only, c) our selected  location or facility (get a list).
  • – Two copies of the marriage certificate


Other services which include transportation, supporters, witnesses, cake, catering, decorations, etc can be arranged but at additional costs. So too if you want another location other than our location.

NB: A processing fee is charged if you need us to do added legwork such as  go searching and securing other features outside of our packages.

Getting married on a low budget, or cheap cheap doesn’t mean that the wedding ceremony itself is cheap.. it just means that you pay little and marry big with the right team to handle your affair

Anthea McGibbon who is herself a trained photographer with experience in wedding planning and photography gives solid input to ensure a memorable occasion regardless of the package.

What’s Needed By the Client to Get Married On A Low Budget?

Whilst the team can do everything to ensure you have a memorable wedding, the interested client(s) will need to provide
– Identification (passport, national identification, driver’s license accepted only from certain countries)
– Birth certificate
– Original divorce documents, if either party is divorced
– Any relating death certificates, if either party has been widowed
– Be Frank in What You Can Afford and Pay On Time

Assistance in obtaining these documents can also be had by the Legal Wiz or International Team of Legal Workers (Jamaica).


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