Recently Jamaica Prime Minister accepted and an award, it is felt for her stance on approving of and legalising homosexuality. Jamaica intern columnist says No to homosexuality in Jamaica, return your award PM…

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Jamaica has long been seen by outsiders as a place encouraging hostility towards gays and lesbians, and, has been criticized by gay rights groups for its stance on this issue. Governments have continually placed diplomatic pressure on our governments over the years to change the laws that criminalize sexual acts between persons of the same sex. This comes especially from America and Great Britain, and now increasingly from the European Union.
So far our governments over the years have steadfastly refused to bow to such pressures, and have repeatedly harkened to the will of its people, which incidentally is preached all over the world by these same countries as true democracy at work. Jamaica is not a homophobic society as is portrayed all over the world by people hell bent on destroying one of the fundamental tenets of democracy – the respecting of the wishes of the majority of the people, in how the laws that governs a country should be.
In Jamaica, gays are not murdered, hanged, run out of their homes, have their properties confiscated, barred from public lives, or from even sitting in our parliaments, as is the case in other countries like say Uganda or China. There are Jamaican homosexuals that are known to a great deal of Jamaicans for years and have never been troubled by anyone whatsoever!

Jamaica as a homophobic society?

Why then has Jamaica been labeled as a homophobic society? ONE, Jamaican homosexuals seeking asylum overseas has used this argument of persecution to justify them leaving this country and getting
residence in the US and elsewhere that under normal circumstances they wouldn’t have gotten, when indeed no such persecution is or has taken place. It is interesting too that straight Jamaicans in their bid to escape the harsh economic conditions of the country has successfully used it as a ruse to get out of the country as they know the embassies will not do the necessary due diligence to
verify if the alleged persecution has actually taken place.
With this almost obsession with Jamaica by gay and human rights groups, they gladly take
such(alleged evidence) and compile it in reports and paint this country as a place of hell for gays.
TWO, the overblown instances where gay persons who have died violently in this country, but only after they die, is it made known that they were gays is another scenario taken out of proportion. It is
then trumpeted as yet another instance where gays are killed because of their sexual orientation. In Jamaica murders are an everyday reality for us as hundreds of persons are killed every year AND not because they are gays.
It then is grossly unfair for anyone to be labeling Jamaica in as a place for hostility towards gays, because of someone dying who is reputed to be a homosexual, without a shred of evidence to prove it. These people who go around making Jamaica appear as a society that persecutes gays do not understand the cultural mindset or the values that Jamaican hold dear to them.

‘Christian country’

They do not understand firstly that a relationship should be between a man and a woman as God made it to be. We, as Jamaica are a Christian nation observing principles of Christianity, based on the Bible, whether we personally subscribe to the faith or not. Therefore but telling argument used locally to illustrate this point, is that God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve, as promoted in some dancehall lyrics by artistes like Papa San.
The bible, which we hold to be the word of God, condemns such acts as been sinful and deserving of the punishment of death. Even though we do not as a country go to that extreme! Culturally we are not in a condition to accept that type of lifestyle either. We believe that without a woman, even gays wouldn’t be here, as no children would be born. It must be a reason why God never created men, but women to bear children. We view that as a strong indication that a man must not lie why another man.
The main reason for God making a woman was to make sure of the continuation of the human species, without which we wouldn’t be here discussing this topic. Jamaicans are not homophobic we own a set of values which we hold dare to us and will under no circumstances give up just because the rest of the world does not agree with it. Its amazing that America, the so called bastion of democracy would place pressure on Jamaica to give in to the wishes of a minority at the expense of the majority’s wishes. That was what they wanted for the former USSR and what they say they wanted to give the Iraqis. Jamaicans believe that we must be free to choose what is right for us and what we are willing to live with on our own, not because we are told to do so by outsiders who do not wish to understand our point of view on the matter.

International Meddling

We, as Jamaicans believe that parents are the foundation of any society and what constitute ‘parents’ for us is a man and a woman, not a man and a man. We view homosexuality as a perversion of the natural order of things, and not as a human rights issue at all. That for us isn’t equal to the other rights Thomas Jefferson outlined in the American declaration of Independence, as it does not fall under the inalienable rights endowed on us by God. The recent article written by the Times Magazine in their endorsement of the views of the current prime minister Portia Simpson Miller, and in which they claim we, as Jamaicans are violently opposed to homosexuality is perversely misleading, as there isn’t a shred of conclusive proof that it is true.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and the Jamaica law

This apparent propaganda mission that the Times Magazine has begun to get us, as Jamaica, to accept a lifestyle that we vehemently oppose, isn’t helping their cause as it is causing even Jamaicans who weren’t so much against it to reconcile with indignation, as they view it as meddling by big nations into our affairs. Mrs Simpson Miller may be the Prime Minister but on this matter she does not speak for the overwhelming majority of Jamaicans who do not approve of gays and lesbians being accorded that privilege of being open with their act of perversion, and further to have legal status as man and wife. That will never happen, as any government that ever makes it legal will be thrown out of office the next election, and the incoming government would have to repeal that law, to save this country from a social implosion that will have for reaching consequences, too horrific to even contemplate at this point!
Any well thinking Jamaican would never under any circumstances want to see that happen to our country. We will always defend what we believe in, no matter what the cost is. Homosexuality is not acceptable by Jamaicans and will continue to be so. We are a Christian nation and will always be that way, and that lifestyle will never be acceptable to us. We do not want our boys and girls to be ‘brought up’ with the idea that homosexuality is a normal and acceptable behavior. We will not tolerate our boys been solicited, for sexual favours, being sodomized and have laws that allow it. That would be a dark day in Jamaica if that ever happens. We outright condemn the Prime Minister for the statement she made and condemn her for accepting an award that was given solely on the basis of her statement supporting gays. We hereby call for her to return the award, and to apologize to the Jamaican people or resign, forthwith.

Fabian Lewis is an intern columnist, and his views do not necessarily reflect those of this mediahouse and site.

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  1. i pray to god we don’t lose this value, this article was well written and address issues everyone is
    afraid to take a stance on. this message should be delivered from a mountain top.

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