Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference held July 23 / 26, 2017 at Jamaica Conference Centre. ERROL DAWES PHOTOS

2017 Jamaica Diaspora Confab links Jamaicans to grow nation

2017 Jamaica Diaspora Confab links Jamaicans to grow nation

The recent theme for Jamaicans meeting up at the recent Diaspora Conference was “Partnering for Growth”. The conference was put on by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, who will do so again in another two years.
This year, 2017, as Jamaica turns 55, the conference package was intense as anxiety builds to advance the nation, and owing to worldwide events threatening the security of some Jamaicans globally.

The experiences and advancement of Jamaicans abroad has somehow led a great number of Jamaicans home, while Jamaicans at home, represented by the Government embark on a quest to find new measures to improve the land of their birth.

So for the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference the younger foreign Jamaicans, business interests, philanthropic groups, and nonJamaicans identified to assisting the country in its development were brought at the Jamaica Conference Centre for dialogue.

Opening on July 23rd, 2017 with the Honourable Andrew Holness speech, the conference up to the last day on July 26th, 2017 was worth every word of dialogue.

All areas were being targeted to grow Jamaica economically and otherwise through sustained improvement projects. Presentations were made in the areas of Agriculture, Tourism, Business and Trade, Investments, Culture, Tourism, Entertainment, Youth and Career Opportunities, Education, Social Development etc.

Positive Results of Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference

Among the positive results were the needed financial investment into Jamaicas education already begun by Diasporans during the Education forum.
Dr Hermie Speckles completed her US$2,000.00 payment, followed by a matching contribution by Ms Janice Julian representing New York|s Caribbean Foods. Then Mr Carlton Derby from Canada|s One Care was moved to donate $200,000.00. The monies were given for select schools.

Other action plans started was the slated Education Summit in March 2018, and the pairing of primary schools with foreign schools.

Although all sessions were filled with inspirational dialogue and promise, the presentations on crime intervention and prevention, tourism and culture garnered much support.

Projects are now being implemented to thrust Jamaica ahead through community tourism among other forms.

Diasporans pledged participatory support to local movements to stemming crime and making Jamaica a safe haven for all.

The final official event was Las Lick by Michael Nicholson, but on Thursday,July 27th, 2017 Diasporans visited several farms during their day of voluntary service to varied projects.

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