21 ways to best sex ever

21 ways to best sex ever

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21 ways to good sex
1. Be comfortable in mind and body. Make sure your partner is RELAXED before you begin your journey
2. Find some kind of aphrodisiac such as wine to give you a special boost. On any visit to Jamaica, a serving of conch from the sea is helpful
3. Make sure your partner is in agreement with you .. ensure they are not feeling forced.. or even more they are not just facilitating you
4. It would be an asset if you know the do’s and don’ts about your partner and how he or she wants to be treated
5. Eliminate all distractions that may interrupt you on your journey
6. Proper hygiene is essential. Make sure you are smelling great so that your partner wont turn his or her nose when making love to you
7. Before the journey, engage your partner in a meaningful conversation with a sexual flavour. This will allow you to bring out any hidden agenda
8. Always be ready to give a compliment without being dishonest.. so if you got something negative to say, be blunt but not harmful with your words
9. A little foreplay never hurts.. but do not be boring. Suprisingly some people enjoy a bit of the out-of-ordinary touches and movements which can be achieved without being freaky
Even the Bible endorses foreplay… in Songs of Solomon 1:2 “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.” A fitting beginning for a pornographic poem.
10. Do something surprising and do not be a stickler for routines and plans all the time. Surprise your partner just a bit with something different
11. As much as you are prepared to get, be prepared to give.. dont be a slave master unless you are confident your partner loves being enslaved
12. Focus on giving sexual pleasure and sensations, without letting your mind stray from your journey
13. Every now and again or even more, schedule your sexual journey and escapade
14. Never have sex when you are tired, or when your partner is too tired to give
15. Be playful with your partners body every chance you get.. except when situations wont allow such as in the formal workplace
16. Having certain sexual rituals help some persons.. some partners develop anxiety for what they love just as they develop a passion for some of their favourite foods
17. Be flexible during the journey.. willing to compromise, improvise and be open to advise
18. Don’t be afraid to moan, groan, scream.. your partner needs to know you are enjoying the journey.. but do not fake it.. they’ll know
19. Remember sex is one of the best gifts to mankind, but never to be confused with love although sex between two persons sharing a genuine bond of love is always better
20. remember that your inner thoughts often comes out in your actions during sex… so be sure you are confident you want to be with this person before you begin your journey.. then your journey will be set to last
21. Know when your partner has had enough and yield until a later time.. flirt a little, demand a little, but give in a bit more

TIP: Stick to one partner.. The tools get sharper and fit better with time!


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