A mini work by ADAM.. ideal collectible painting.

50 Anthea McGibbon giveaway pieces for Jamaica’s birthday

50 Anthea McGibbon giveaway pieces for Jamaica’s birthday

I have a mini collectible painting done by me for you.. Its not for sale.. I have done it freely for you.. I am starting you on your journey to collecting art by Jamaicans and I am leaving my signature, whether nature, army, abstract work with you.
These pieces (6×8) are about my passion for art, an appreciation for visual intelligence – my wish to see more persons with more than prints of Jamaican art on their walls. As cliche as some people find a painting of the Jamaican sunset, its as soother for many. So many persons request paintings of sunsets and a starry sky too, its almost surreal.

JAMAICA SUNSET, army life, abstracts, loving series …
Something about the intense blend of colours in a sunset stirs something deep within.
I know at least five persons who don no other art but of sunsets in their homes.. just paintings sized over 32 inches of Jamaica sunsets. AND, not to be forgotten is the gentleman who ordered only green sunsets! No connection to politics whatsoever.

There are other themes in this special giveaway edition done by Anthea – army life, love, floral aroma and more.

Once yours is framed lets see how it could be delivered to you!! Stay blessed!!

Happy birthday Jamaica!

Email antheaart@yahoo.com for yours while stock last.

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