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Anthea McGibbon combines her skills, experiences and expertise to present this media website. She also engages in career talks, motivational speaking, workshops, consultations for both children and adults.
‘I am qualified and experienced in journalism, research, the arts, paralegal. My skills and experience include creative writing, the arts, art critique, paralegal, photography, teaching, children entertainment, modelling, spanish, event and tour planning etc.’

BORN NOVEMBER 10, in the garden parish St. Ann, in Jamaica, W.I., Anthea D.A. McGibbon has spent 14 years, 1996-2009, at the the Caribbean’s leading newspaper – The Jamaica Gleaner (as a feature co-ordinator, desk supervisor, subeditor, photographer, feature writer, art critic, graphic designer). Thereafter she has been writing for leading Jamaican online media website. As a major contribution to the advancement of Jamaica and Jamaicans everywhere, she and other prolific writers have provided content for this site.
Hailing from a combined family of educators and academic professionals, has been strongly influential on Anthea McGibbon’s career paths as well as her character.

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Her artistic abilities have been influenced by her paternal family, while her maternal family has been more inclined to music. Nonetheless both sides have garnered exceptional academic achievements.

Anthea takes pride in creative expressions as a journalist and artist when it comes to Jamaica. Her introduction to the legal field was a paralegal course at the Jamaica Paralegal Institute, paid for by a Jamaican attorney. The course was payment for her graphic work done for his business, and the attorney (CRR) who died in 2016 also mentored her successful application to law school.

She also founded OAaSIS International Foundation to network members and supporting members of the creative force in assisting with the development of the creative mind of today’s youth, esp in Jamaica.

Theres no comparison to her experience at the Edna Manley College (former Jamaica School of Art), she says. See more.




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