Happy 2016 Emancipation Day Jamaicans

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Lawd a marsi, mih belly a buss. Today is Emancipation Day when wih as a modern day society of Jamaicans celebrate what galang way back in 1934, when our foreparents were freed from slavery.
Some Jamaicans diss a find out seh dih day before diss on July 31st, nuff a dih slave dem did run go up a dih mountain top dem afih lay wait the break of the dawn of August fuss, 1934. Pon dah day deh, August fuss, the Emancipation Declaration was read loud aand clear and nobody nuh haff fih ask if the slaves dem neva run go inna di different chuch house dem go gi God praise and gloarih.

Augus mawnin

Wha mih lov best is dih different celebration dem weh a appen all ova Jamaica mek mih feel like a still dih day when dih slaves get di freedom. Augus mawning a really sinting. Sligoville sell off doa. Seville Park inna St Ann wussa sell off wid dem free chocolate tea fih warm up people belly.
An some people even carry a touch a jonkro batty (rum) fih lace dih rum fih jump up and galang like how dem slaves did feel and galang years back when.
Nuff vigil a gwaan, even inna Black Riva, Saint Bess.
Denbigh showground a go maddening with all dem bull cow, and odder pretty pretty animal pon display fih show off Jamaica agriculture. Last time mih go Denbigh mi almost feel fih bite one a dih prize cow dih way him fat and look sweet like meat inna mih plate already. But when the artiste dem start perform mih soon realise seh a show and tell and dih artiste dem did a fantastic job a move dih crowd off them feet dancing all day and stright till night mih tell you. as for the comedians dem.. ahh well mek sure yuh go tek it in.
Den now right ya inna Kingston, Ranny William Centre pon Hope Road a nuff a galang. Mi can tell you how JCDC a host one piece a Independence Village.
But a nuh dat a sweet mih suh, a di onstage performance dem wah a galang lata.
Mih go last year and mi belly full mih almost nuh go buy none a di real Jamaican food dem pon sale fi tie in mi love fi Jamaica.
Sell off activities all ova dih place.
Now nobadda waste time, right till Independence Day, nuh lose out.

Nuff sinting a gwan fi gi yuh chance fih jump up and relive the celebrations of the freed slaves weh mek wih proud fi call wiself Jamaican tidday tidday yah.

Mek sure youh check diss site fi di full listing a wah a guddung fih di rest a week fi celebrate Emancipation and Independence inna one. The stadium small suh no plan fi guh gala diss suh, a nuff tings a gwaan. By the way, if yuh realise seh yuh nagga hole from now, plan fi gu uppa Ranny Williams pon Hope Road fi watch di show a stadium live. But yess galang early or you aggo miss dat too.
A wan big helluva place, but a fram all ova people come, dem park early diss fi get settle in. All fram farin people start fly dung now fi ketch up pon dem roots wah almost a grow left them.
Tan teddy and tell mih weh yuh go.

If u gats pictas sen dem een, dih boss wont mind fih post dem fi yuh as a dissya site ya nice fih Jamaicans strut up dem stuff.

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